When you move to a new apartment or house, you will need to turn on your utilities.

Turning on Your Electricity

City Public Service (CPS) - (210) 353-2222
CPS is the energy company that you need to call to turn on your electric and gas service in San Antonio. You can also fill out this online service request form to start or transfer service.


Turning on Your Water

San Antonio Water System - (210) 704-SAWS (7297)
Most homes have the water service already turned on, however you will need to call SAWS to have the service put in your name.

Some areas of San Antonio do not have SAWS and only have BexarMET service. BexarMET can be reached at (210) 354-6500.

Establishing Telephone Service



Setting up Cable and Satellite Television

Many of the phone companies listed above, also offer cable television and internet service in bundled packages. These bundled packages will save you money by providing telephone, television and internet all at one price. In addition, you may opt to hook up satellite television instead of cable TV.



Making individual calls to the telephone company, cable company and all your utility companies when you move can be time-consuming. If you prefer, with just one simple free phone call, you can place orders for everything you need. They will do the rest. San Antonio residents have several options for getting telephone service.